1. We recommend that the Legislative Representatives and alternate to PSAECO be paid transportation expenses at the IRS rate, meals (not to exceed $30.00 per day) and any other expenses. Legislative representatives shall provide vouchers for all expenses incurred. They shall present an oral report to the annual Convention covering any legislation affecting the office of County Auditor and any activity regarding the Auditors at the PSAECO meetings during the year. A written report covering the same issues shall be sent to the Secretary at the end of the year, including any new information, for posting and/or distribution.

2. We recommend that each County Auditor and the Pennsylvania State Association of County Auditors contact their Representatives and Senators and urge that any attempt to abolish County Auditors by the Legislature or the State Association of County Commissioners, be defeated. Retaining elected County Auditors makes the system more effective, less political, and less costly to the counties.

3. We recommend that regional organizations be established for the purpose of regional meetings and workshops. It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Board to establish these geographical regions.

4. We recommend that the budget committee include a line item for a $50.00 memorial in the event of a member’s demise and $25.00 for an associate member who has served in the past 10 years. Memorial will be handled by local Auditors and a voucher be submitted to the State Association Treasurer.

5. We recommend a session by the DCED be presented at our convention as needed.

6. We recommend that the Secretary of the Auditors Association send a letter to each Board of Auditors and include the following information:

A. A list of new Auditors and a PSACA manual to each Board of Auditors and all new Auditors not attending the convention.

B. The structure /history of our association

C. A list of names of the officers, board members and solicitor.

D. Information, which might be beneficial to new Auditors.

E. Should you have a problem in your county, contact a person from the membership list of County Auditors.

7. We recommend that wherever the convention is being hosted, the auditors from that county should be the host. Then if for some unknown reason there is not a host county to have a convention, it will be up to the presiding President and Executive Board to site the convention. Auditors from that county should be included in the planning. The Executive Board will develop and plan the workshops for all conventions.

8. We recommend that the summer Executive Board meeting should be centrally located so it is accessible to everyone as far as travel is concerned.

9. We recommend that each point of the policy committee should be voted on separately and recorded in the minutes as such.

10. We recommend that all committees shall give a copy of their report to the Secretary of the State Association.

11. We recommend that the State Association set the registration fee and that it is paid by all members and guests attending the convention, regardless of the amount of time spent at convention. Members, associate members, and guests who attend the banquet only shall be required to pay for the dinner only. Registration and meal package money will be refunded up to a week (7 days) before convention begins. Executive Board and Host County will consider any exceptions to the seven-day refund rule.

12. We recommend that a committee of two auditors be appointed at the convention to take the responsibility of having the PSACA Manual printed on a current basis for the next annual convention

Changes Approved Annual Convention September 27, 2009