County Auditors are individually elected by the residents of each 6th, 7th, and 8th Class county. They serve a four year term. Auditors are charged with the audit, settlement and adjustment of all accounts held by county officials and their appointees. They produce reports for the Court of Common Pleas, the Department of Community and Economic Development, the State Attorney General and the Office of the Pennsylvania Courts.

Executive Board

Each year at the PSACA conference, the attendees vote for the President, Vice President, and 3 Members-At-Large. The positions of Secretary and Treasurer are voted once every four years. The Legislative Representatives are appointed by the President.


Every year, the President selects members to participate on the committees for the upcoming conference. Committee members are tasked accordingly.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to advance the professional development of our members by providing continuing education, training and technical resources and for such further purposes helpful to the greater efficiency for the function of the office of County Auditor.

The PSACA cooperates with members of other county associations to ensure support for the betterment of our association.



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